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New STR8 Rise


The new fragrance of 2019, STR8 Rise is made for men who want to be the best. Its freshness is the result of ivy, sandalwood and cedar, and its heart is medicinal herbs, melon and mint. Its head is the combination of tangerine, lemon and cardamom, making the product a real summer scent, recalling the vibe of carefree holidays.


Contact: Sarantis Hungary Kft.  T.: 06-23-430-627;

F.: 06-23-428-588; e-mail:; web:


New STR8 Rise (444.3KB)

New Batiste dry shampoos!

Discover our new Batiste products! This autumn we launched 3 new Batiste dry shampoos: the innovative Overnight Deep Cleanse, the citrus scented Bare and the wonderful Rose Gold variants. Discover what magic can these dry shampoos do to your hair! Helps Detoxify Your Hair While You Sleep & Wake Up To Clean Looking, Fresh Hair! A burst from this can of magic contains a breakthrough formula with charcoal and baking soda that refreshes your hair while you sleep.
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